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Translation from Finnish to Swedish
Original title: Valvojat (The Overseers)

The translation was commissioned by Raekallio Corp., an independent dance company based in Helsinki. The piece premiered in August 2023 in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The company describes the piece as:

A performance taking place in an urban environment, combining theatre, literature, dance, sound design, performance, psychogeography and conspiracy theories. It familiarizes participants holistically with the security landscape of our society while securing them to the core. — The performance takes place in the streets and parks of Helsinki. — It includes alternative facts that do not correspond to the worldview of the authors but which reflect the altered security situation. — Audience members are directed in the performance through their mobile phones.

Poster designed by Mikko Branders. All rights reserved to Raekallio Corp.

Dramaturg At Svenska Teatern

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