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The Memory Agency
A play written for a chat bot

Minnesbyrån is play written for a chat bot on Facebook Messenger. The interactive choose-your-own adventure style play invites the solo participant to process and recreate a memory, either an actual one from one’s past or a fictitious one. The play is set a summer night on a passenger ferry and is available (in Swedish) on Facebook Messenger via the link below:


The play was performed during Hangö Teaterträff, an annual theatre festival in the south of Finland in June 2020. The piece was developed during a 1 year residency program at Labbet r.f. The residency program was supervised by Linnea Stara and Christoffer Mellgren, and sponsored by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

The focus of my residency was to develop methods how to create drama for social and digital media.

Articles about Minnesbyrån and the residency program (in Swedish):

Den digitala teatern kräver samma tid och koncentration som i teatersalongen (Hufvudstadsbladet)
Labbet får sin första residensdramatiker (Hufvudstadsbladet)
Nina-Maria Häggblom är Labbets första residensdramatiker (Österbottens tidning)

Dramaturg At Svenska Teatern

Dramaturg and Project Lead at the Finnish-Swedish National Stage


Translation from Finnish to Swedish
Original title: Valvojat (The Overseers)